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Busted!! Man Caught Posing As A Female To Attract Men (Photos)

Days after a man was arrested in Mumias, Kenya for posing as a female prostitute and fleecing men, another one has been nabbed in Githurai.

Residents of an estate in Githurai were shocked to discover that a neighbour they all along knew as “Samantha” was indeed a man named John Mwendwa from Nyeri County.

“Samantha” was a regular at local clubs where “she” entertained men and spent time with them, only to end up stealing from them.
His dirty little secret was exposed on Monday morning June 20, 2016 when a female neighbour suspected his ‘forced girly’ walking style.

The woman rounded up several other people in the neighbourhood, who took it upon themselves to inspect “Samantha’s” genitals after discovering that “she” was flat chested.
After establishing that “Samantha” was living a lie, residents alerted authorities.

The man was detained at the Githurai chief’s office for questioning, and is expected to be arraigned in court and charged with impersonation.

According to witnesses, the man was good at posing as a woman with his walking style, gait and mannerisms similar to a real woman.

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