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My Husband Impregnated Our Landlord’s Daughter. Please Help! (Advice Needed)

Dear 9jastudios
I have been thro.ugh a lot this year. My landlord threatened to send us packing because i refused to sleep with him, and we owe him rent for 18 months. I am a youth corp member and my husby is a civil servant, but he always complain of the salary not been enough for our upkeep. I decided to tell my husby of the landlord’s threat and he was so angry. He wanted to go and fight with the landlord, but i didn’t allow him since we owe him a lot of money, i didn’t want him to throw us out.

Last month, i started noticing that my husband doesn’t come home on time anymore, i asked him what the problem was, but he said nothing. Last week, the landlord came knocking on our door, and demanded to see my husby. I told him he wasn’t around and he started venting that my husby impregnated his 16 year old daughter.

I was shocked. Husby came home and i asked him, he didnt deny it. I asked him the reason for that terrible action and he said it was because the landlord was sleeping with me and he wanted to revenge. Why would he think that way? Im still in shock.

Please help me out. I feel like moving out of the house, since i don’t have a kid for him yet.

What should i do?

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