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Nigerian government and channeltv have a question to answer about this!!!

#asari Wait ooooo….. So this Channels TV reporter went to this so-called Calabar Creek to interview these Militants that warns Niger Delta Avengers to stop blowing up Pipelines and you tell me that FG and Nigerian military are clamping down on Militants?

Do we now have Federal government approved Militants?

Honestly, some people don’t know how to deceive others, especially the Nigerian military, bcos I suspect they are behind these masked men, claiming Militants.

If the Nigerian military fails to arrest these heavily armed men within the next 24hrs then just know that this government is involved with those behind Boko Haram, bcos these guys are not different from Boko Haram…..see their ammunition

The Channels TV reporter should lead the way for their arrest as we hope to read their next report on this…..


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