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see the nigerian man that is looking for a way to go back home from dubai

Today we saw a post by a popular facebook group admin ogechi okeke:
Ogechi okeke.wrote.pls..I know u are the admin of this group…pls help me do foundries so that I can go back to Nigeria..I have lived in dubai for over 20years..I can’t even give account of 1000nair of my own..when I came to this country I never knew that life will turn around against me..I was busy following women up and down, attending every club in dubai spending the little one my father gave me…I am the first father sold the only land property we had in owerri than, just to make sure I become useful..because of my over drinking , drugs and sleeping with different women I couldn’t think normal. am homeless in Dubai…I am 55years totally confused. ..pls..ogechi…ask ur rise money for me so that I can go back to my father’s land…pls..people of Nigeria help ur brother out..I am in need of ur assistance. .I need about..50, find my way thank u..

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