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After Spending Millions On His Education, Look At My Son’s Reply When I Asked Him What A Noun Is!

I don’t know where to start cause I’m angry.

I have spent millions on Segun, enrolled him in different very good schools.

Yet, the headmasters in the various schools are always complaining about Segun that he is not intelligent.

I decided to enroll him into one of the best Primary schools in Ikorodu.

Today, Sunday, after church, I decided to test Segun to see if his new school is really changing him.

I called him to the sitting room and told him to sit down.

I asked: Segun, What Is A Noun?

He replied: Daddy, A Noun Is A Noun, Omi Garri Is A Water, Eja Din Din Is A Fish (A Noun Is A Noun, Water Of Garri Is A Water, Fried Fish Is A Fish)”

Wow! I almost fainted!!!!!

Who is to blame for this? His School? Teacher or Who? I will fight that person.

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