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See picture of man sleeping under a bridge in broad daylight

How many hours a day do you spend complaining over things you think you should have that you don’t?

In the midst of the whole story about the economic meltdown the country has been faced with, believe it or not, a lot of people are yet to complain about it not being favourable to them.
While the rest of us complain about the high and rising cost of goods and services in the country, some people are just grateful that they can find somewhere to lay down to rest when the night comes.

In the picture below, this person who appears to be homeless, has tried to get comfortable while he sleeps in the middle of a busy road, under a bridge, with just a makeshift mattress stuffed into a concrete culvert ring which the road construction workers probably abandoned there.

He might be unsure of where his next meal will come from, but he sure is grateful to at least be able to sleep oblivious of all the hustling and bustling around him.

While you complain about ‘I don’t have enough money to do my hair, or buy new clothes or eat in a posh restaurant or buy data for my phone’ , this young man will b thinking about ‘ Where will i go when they finish this construction and take this culvert ring away, where will i get my next meal from, what if it rains ?’

Yoruba people will say ‘ Se o pe ti e ‘ and Igbo people will say “ Nye Chineke ekele maka ihe n’ile inwere ‘ and the Hausa’s will say ‘ Ku godiya ga abin da kuke da ‘ (Which all literally translates to ‘ be grateful for what you have ‘)
Take time out today to appreciate what little you have. Be grateful for every thing.

Man seen sleeping under a bridge

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