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6 things Mark Zuckerberg has in common with Jesus Christ

Mark Zuckerberg is even more Christ-like than a lot of men of God out there
The Facebook founder visited Lagos for the first time.
Mark Zuckerberg might seem like just another billionaire, but the 32-year-old is more Christ-like than a lot of preachers and men of God out there today.
Here are six things he has in common with
Jesus Christ .

1. Like Jesus, Mark has many followers
Spot him.
Just like Jesus, who, even in death, has millions of followers, Mark has billions of people using all his platforms, a large following on his social media pages and an astounding amount of admirers, both old and young.

2. Judaism
Mark has Jewish blood.
Mark Zuckerberg is a proud Jew and he’s always expressed his solidarity for the religion.

3. Oratory skills
Zuckerberg has spoken at many events.
Mark might have started out as a slightly shy guy, but today he makes some of the best speeches. Something else he has in common with our Lord, Jesus.

4. Simplicity
The world’s sixth richest man, walking the street of Lagos like nothing.
Mark shows his resemblance with Jesus Christ in his simple lifestyle. He is one of the richest men in the world, but still walks the streets like regular people, in plain t-shirts and jeans.

5. Philanthropy
Zuckerberg and his wife run a foundation that makes frequent donations around the world.
Jesus Christ was a selfless man who gave without thinking twice, and Mark has shown his generosity over the years with his numerous donations and concern for the less-privileged.

6. Miracle working
Zuckerberg’s facebook is basically a miracle that has 34% of the world population on it.
Mark blessed us with Facebook, which is a miracle in itself. Even with the existence of several other social media platforms, Facebook still remains the most used and loved.

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