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Gospel singer revealed how he handles distractions from the opposite sex

--Gospel singer, Steve Crown speaks on how he stepped into limelight
– He revealed his attempt at being a lawyer and how he handles distractions from the opposite sex

One of the hottest Nigerian gospel singers, Steve Crown speaks on the song that has brought him fame, his attempt at being a lawyer and how he handles distractions from the opposite sex.
The graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Zamfara State like many order artiste said he stated out in the church choir.
Yes I did. I believe that for an artiste to grow, you must have a root somewhere. You have to consistently practise your craft, and even for some secular artistes, they learned that consistency in the church choir. But I started singing at home because my mum and dad, as members of the local Anglican Church choir, sang a lot at home. My interest in singing developed right from childhood and I also enjoyed playing the drums as a child, and I disturbed my parents a lot with my drumming. Despite this, I didn’t start thinking of a career in music as a child, I thought of myself more as a visual artiste. I did paintings of my parents, which were very good and I did tutorials on art. But as you grow, God begins to show you that the path you thought you would take might not be what He planned for you. So from art, I tried to be a lawyer. I have a diploma in law from UNIABUJA. Then, I ventured into studying Office Technology and Management. I still want to read other courses in the future. But now, I am fully into music.
On how he deals with stardom, he said, “ It hasn’t been easy. I would say that it is a sweet feeling experiencing success. But now, I have to live with plenty of caution. Imagine that you have lived your life like everyone else, and all of a sudden, you are a known face. Recently, I went into a store around midnight to buy a few things and I thought I wouldn’t be recognized. But shortly after, some people started following me around and whispering ‘yes, he is the one’.
Also, on my way back to Abuja from Kaduna State recently, I stopped to buy corn and I ate plenty of it. The driver said he could understand why I ate as much as I could because I might not be able to do the same thing in Abuja. So, these are the little things I hardly can indulge myself in these days. And I cannot be seen in places that will send wrong messages about me.
Speaking on his marital status and how he copes with female attention , “I have been coping by God’s grace. I have tried within my own strength and God’s grace to stay out of things that could be a problem to me.

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