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ROOBOY: "OGUN will kill sex doll and anybody behind it" Interview: read full gist

"OGUN will kill sex doll and anybody behind it" ROOBOY read full gist

Olatude kayode also known as rooboy who is an hypeman by profession and known for his Hardwork in the entertainment world..  Rooboy was on our(9jastudios) tweet chat section where he told us more about himself

Read details below....

Tell us about yourself..
My name is olatude kayode samuel,gradute of business administration from bowen from a family of three (2nd child) ogun state by origin, came all the way from ibadan to hustle in lagos.

About the code name ROOBOY

Way back in secondary school. i and my guys love playing soccer and Rooney was my favourite player and i so much love rooney i decided to cut "ney" and add "boy" as a young boy now to make it Rooboy..

About your Education

Nur/pri school- Holylife (private)
Secondary- Eyin high school (public jss1)
Then later changed to Sunshine international high school ibadan (jss2 - ss3)
Same year i graduated got admitted into bowen university

Talking about career, why an Hypeman?
Its in me!!! From the womb if i dont do it even God wont be happy with me..have got love and passion for it..

Plenty challenges bro....i just dont want to talk about it for now..hmmm..

Are you in any label ,group or movement

Hmmmm.... For now no label.i work with different people and entertainment brands and in most times i get busy and hooked up with shows and all.

What if you didbt have the opportunity to go to school will you still be at this stage of your career?

Lailai.... For real i go dey "New garage" along orita at my grandma shop and she go dey send me cigar for her customers but i thank God man....pls thank God for me...

People youve worked and hope to work with?
Have worked with quite alot of people like KINGBOBBY, GHALIBONAWAVE,LORDNELSONTHE3,SHILLZTEX,KINGLABII,WMG WORLDWIDE and so on...just to mention few... Hopefully i will love to work with MAYOKUN (DMW).

Are you in any relationship?

I need my life and glory ....i want to shine and keep up with life.. Single but if i see any serious lady Ama stay with her..

Your take on the invention of Sex doll
Ogun (god of iron) will kill sex doll and the people behind sex doll.... I just dont like the shit..the thing dey give m headach
Any project for 2018?

Many.... If anybody do anyhow den go see 2018 is my year bro..

Your advice 
Keep doing it, table will turn one day.. Thank you and God bless you all... Keep up with your hypeking ROOBOY

Contact: 09059581334,07086968897
Socials: @rooboyoflife

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