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10 Lies our Parents Told us While Growing Up: Let me Keep your money for you and others

Childhood in Nigeria is always such a memorable experience for every persons out there, as there are always beautiful memories to look back at ranging from books, to stories, to schooling, to food, to parenting and much more.

Here is a compilation of the 10 Lies our parents told us while growing up.

1. If you allow a boy touch you, you'll get pregnant

This is for the females, Remember when our parents were always telling us to not allow any boy sit close to us or even touch us, else we'll get pregnant. This was our Mother's way of inculcating sexual abstinence in us.

2. Bring Your Money, I'll Keep it For you

If you've never fallen for this popular Wiles of our parents, then you're not a bonafide Nigerian. They'll ask you to bring your money for them to save for you, and when you ask for it, They'll start shouting on you, reminding you of how they're not requesting for all the money they've been spending on you since you were a kid.

3. Don't Pick It, Satan has eaten it

In a bid to improve our personal hygiene and health, our parents would always tell us not to pick and eat the food that fell on the floor. They always say Satan has eaten whatever falls on the floor and so this makes us repulsive to the food.

4. Tell me The truth, I won't beat you

Because our parents would always want to know the truth about an event that happened, for example, a broken plate or missing money, they would first assure us that they won't beat you just for you to say the truth and then later beat us for saying the truth.

5. I'll buy you a bicycle if you come first in class

Our fathers and uncles are particularly fond of this. They'll always promise us bicycles or a trip to Father Christmas, If we come first in class. This would always make us read harder in class and pass out exams in flying colors, only to later get disappointed as there would be no bicycle or christmas trip.

6. Go and wear your slippers, so you'll follow me

As kids, we tend to be clingy to our parents as we always want to be around them or follow them to wherever they go. This made our parents devise an escape means by waiting at the door and telling us to go put on our slippers inside. Before we struggle with putting out slippers or shoes on, They're long gone by then.

7. Let me Change your money to Plenty money

Whenever visitors visit and gives us money, our parents are always quick to collect the money and give us smaller denominations. For example, changing a note of ₦500 to two ₦5.

8. I always took the 1st position when I was in School

Our parents would always claim to maintain the 1st position when they were still on school. Especially out Fathers. This is always said to berate us whenever we seem to be declining in our academic performance.

9. I'll come back now now

Whenever any of our parents are travelling or going out, they'll always console us with the line that they're coming back immediately which is a lie, as they may take hours or even days before they return.

10. I'll buy big plane for you

This is the biggest lie in history our parents ever told us. In order to calm us during our tantrums or wants, they'll tell us they'll buy us big aeroplane that'll fly us to America.

Is there any I didn't mention, please mention it in the comment boxes and also share to others so they can reminisce on past memories. Also comment on the one your parent did to you

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