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10 Most Corrupt Countries In The World, What is Nigeria's Position?

Corruption can be in several ways. Corruption is the deterioration of moral principle and integrity. 

Here are the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world according to Transparency International annual report. 

10. Libya

 Libya's corruption has increased steadily since the fall of Gaddafi mainly because under dictatorial control the opposition is mostly powerless. 

9. North Korea 

 North Korea operates on a totalitarian dictatorship. The desperation is North Korea has shaped the country and corruption is rampant. Counterfeiting is practiced in North Korea. 

8. Afghanistan 

 Afghanistan is one of the countries with the most complicated international relationship. There is massive corruption in Afghanistan which is mostly involved with the US military aid. 

7. Equatorial Guinea

 Equatorial Guinea is a thriving African country. The country discovered oil about 2 decades ago and the discovery has brought its own problems with includes lack of accountability. 

 Corruption in Equatorial Guinea largely comes in form of pointless projects like highways leading to nowhere and empty hotels. 

6. Sudan

 According to a survey, about 40% of the respondents reported having to pay a bribe to get things done or to bribe off officials. Sudan experienced rampant embezzlement and corruption during the reign of the last president. 

5. Venezuela 

 Venezuela was once South America's richest country but corruption and misuse of government instruments has brought it down. 

4. Yemen 

 Yemen is a country crippled by instability. An international peace organization claimed that corruption is a greater threat to Yemen's stability than terrorism. 

3. Syria

 Syria is in a state of breathtaking corruption. The war torn country is destroyed by corruption of highly placed government officials. 

2. South Sudan 

 South Sudan is a young country which is being plagued by corruption which ranges from bribery to gift giving. 

1. Somalia 

 Somalia has a nonexistent press freedom. Press freedom is essential to curb corruption but more than 60 journalists have been killed in Somalia since 1992. 

 The people have very little to no protection from the government. 

 A terrorist group is also trying to overthrow the government, so many citizens have to pay taxes at gunpoint and non of the tax goes on to improve their lives. 

Is there any country missing out from this list?

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