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10 Simple Secret of Making Someone Fall in Love With You Fast....CHECK IT OUT

1. Have a unique personality. Be your own person, but be different from the rest of the crowd. Have stories to tell and experiences to share. Be wild and exciting. Don't be bland and vague. Have that addictive personality.
2. Have a signature appearance and smell. I dress literally the same every day and smell the same every day, but it's apparently attractive.
3. Be motivational and inspiring. Use this to your best advantage.
4. Humor. Make them genuinely laugh. I'm always making people smile and laugh, but for me, it comes naturally, without any deep thought.
5. Learn new skills. If you can pull off crazy magic tricks or dance good or sing or play an instrument, people are more likely to be drawn to you as well. People like people with skills, especially those that they lack.
6. Don't make it all about you. Talk to them about them. People love to talk about themselves, so open your ears, and be more than willing to give advice back as well. A simple answer to a long rant is not a way to win anything. Be willing to open up, listen, and talk it out.
7. Learn their love language, but time spent with your loved one is the greatest and most powerful love language of all.
8. Have a good career ahead of you. Have plans. Have a job. Go to school or have an education. Have your own place. Have your own means of transportation. Believe me, those whom are mature will greatly appreciate this about you.
9. Keep yourself well groomed. Oh and applying lip balm helps a lot. I mean, keeping those teeth nice and shiny and that breath minty fresh is a big step up too
10. Exercise, keep fit, eat good. This shows you want what you crave and that you're willing to get it despite the opposition in front of you.

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