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6 Behaviors that make you less attractive to women – (You may be doing some without knowing).

Guys, sometimes without knowing there are many small things we do that ends up making us less attractive to women. The more self aware you are, the more success you will have not just with women but in almost everything. But the hard part is maintaining that self-awareness. So, you will want to read till the very end.
Pity Party; Yes, everyone has stuff they are dealing with. Life’s hard, but hey keep it to yourself. You don’t go whining and complaining when someone asks how was your day.
Everyone is going through their own stuff and don’t want to carry more. You might be going through some stuff, but your crush or women in general need a guy who is strong. She does not need a perfect guy, but a guy who can hold his sh*t together.
So please stop the pity party, it won’t help you. Grow some spine bro!
Manning Up; Guys, there’s a certain image of the ideal man who is strong, courageous, stoic, and proud. Pretty manly right? But too often in our pursuit to be rough and tough, we end up being straight up mean. There’s a fine line between being an attractive tough guy and being a total jerk. This is one of the most important things we can learn as men because being a jerk is a guaranteed way to instantly turn off 99.9% of women. The difference between being strong and tough and capable versus being an A-hole starts with your mindset.
So what kind of guy do you want to be? The kind that intimidates people and makes them feel small? Or the kind of guy that people look up to? The kind of guy that helps people when they need help?
Too Close to Bros Guys. Did you know there are particularly unattractive things guys don’t know they do that you probably do all the time? You’re probably being super unattractive right now and you don’t even know it. Like slouching your shoulders, looking at the floor, arms crossed. Or just hanging up around “the boys” and looking at the girl from across the room. All these non-verbal behaviors have a huge influence on your attractiveness to women.
And by being unaware of this law of attraction, you could be chasing women away before you even get a chance to say, “Hi, my name is...” …” If you ever wanted to talk to a girl, walk up to her and talk. Be confident. It doesn’t matter how alpha you might be, no girl is going to venture through that psychological barrier that you’re unintentionally putting up, or the physical barrier you and your boys are putting up. By sitting or standing in a closed circle with your buddies, your body language is doing all the talking that you’re too afraid to do. A closed off body language is a really big turnoff.
Be Calm. Guys, of all the reasons girls think you are unattractive, this one bedevils us more. Studies have shown that people who look stressed tend to be perceived as less attractive than people who seem to be stress free. That’s right...Life’s grinding weight on your mind is one of the psychological things that make you less attractive to women.
Just think about this. Would you look better in a photo you took in a relaxed mood or when you are stressed out? Yes, life cannot be completely stress free, but we can find time to take a chill pill and be calm.
If you are stressed out for the day, try relaxing, or find a place to decompress before going out to meet anyone. Because the last thing you want to do is come running in hot into a first date with the day’s stress plastered all over your face and body language.
Language Disadvantage Guys this can make you unattractive and most people think…“oh I have no control over this,” but you actually do. We are not talking of language as in the actual dialect spoken, but the subtle unspoken culture of the area or city.
Take for instance, the unspoken culture when it comes to dating in Abuja is different from Lagos and also different from Port-Harcourt or Enugu or Kano. When you move from one city, state or country to another, the dating culture changes. And if you are not in tune with the local culture, you are most likely going to be ignored. And it can be frustrating.
Social psychologists call this phenomena group cohesiveness or social identity, and it plays a huge part in the game of attraction. People often form an ideal image of a romantic partner in their heads and this image has an enormous influence on who we end up partnering with. Much of this image comes from who we see and interact with on a daily basis. So if you don’t quite fit in that regard, there’s a good chance you’ll go unseen.
So how do you overcome the social cohesion barrier? People identify with others who speak the same language. So, if you can learn to walk the walk and talk the talk, you can effectively moonwalk your way onto your crush’s social radar. Like earlier said, it is not just about the spoken language, but the subtle unspoken social culture.
Dominance. Yes, perceived dominance increases your attractiveness as a guy. However, it is not dominance over others or domineering behavior, but dominance over your own life. Women want a guy who is in control of his life and has his act together.
So how do you practice this in your daily life? Fake it ‘till you make it. Keep telling yourself you’ve got it under control and more importantly, actively take steps to make it so.Eventually you will feel completely at home in your own skin and it will show.
I hope you got a thing or two here, let’s know in the comment section. Feel free to share also. Thanks for reading.

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