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A MUST READ!!! Here’s What We Learnt From The WILDER vs FURY Fight – “Don’t Mock God”

Don’t mock God if you don’t want to be seriously disgraced…

You can do everything and go scot-free but mocking God and think you can go free is a very big lie.

If there’s anything I don’t joke with, it’s definitely putting God first in everything you do else you will end in a very shameless manner and that’s what happened in the Wilder vs Fury fight 2 days Ago

Now, let’s go back to the matter 😄

Deontay Wilder Mocked God

Deontay Wilder posted something on Social media in January while trying to send a message to Fury and he mocked God saying even the Almighty cannot stop him.

Tyson Fury Put The Fight In God’s Hand

While the then WBC heavyweight Wilder mocked God because he believe he can beat the underdog, Tyson Fury handed the battle in God’s hand and the outcome was what we saw.

Wilder was just falling anyhow as if he drank Ogbono In fact, it was a total show of shame.

He was disgraced and his Belts was stripped away off him in a gruesome manner as he bleeds non-stop from his mouth and ears.

So guys 👇

In Whatever You Do, Always Put God First & You Will Emerge A Winner

We hope you learn something today.

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