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 Hi Guys,
The use of social media is very important in this era because it’s easier to connect with vast majority of people via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the likes.

As an entertainer or business person or whatever you’re into, it is always smart not to build your entire career on a social media platform which might pack up on day.

How many Nigerian celebrities or entertainers can boast of still having a successful career life if all social media channels shut down.

So Let’s get to the list guys:

1.Tunde ednut.

The Musician turns Instagram Blogger have made himself a force to reckon with on Instagram posting many random contents to entertain fans.

The truth is, Instagram kept Tunde Ednut‘s hope of being a star alive after the death of his music career.

He was like “mofedaku” (I wan die) on the day both whatsapp and Instagram temporary went down. He might just do it for real if it’s a permanent shutdown.

Lesson of this post, if you’re an entertainer or business person, as you build your career and fanbase on social media, build yourself offline too.

All these social media companies might just decide not exist again one day.

2. Janemena

Popularly known as the Nigerian Instagram Twerk Queen with over a Million followers on Instagram, Janemenahas been on our faces for a really long time. She is followed on her Instagram page by a lot of celebrities, her page is really active and with filled with a lot of adverts from clients.

Janemenaalso runs a business on Instagram, where she sells some girly stuffs. 100% of her followers were gained from her twerk videos.

She is definitely with all facts intact pretty successful on Instagram. But stop for a minute and imagine Janemena without Instagram?

3. Lasisi Elenu.

Lasisi Elenuunlike Brother Shaggi, is one of the biggest Instagram comedians in Nigeria.

He is popularly known for his constant use of BIG MOUTHfilter made by Snapchat. Many of us find him funny for the big mouth he uses while doing his funny rants.

But imagine snapchat with Instagram shuts down. How will Lasisi survive?
4. Ikorodu boiz.

This kids are wonderful and are superb in terms of creativity, they’ve done so many mimic of celebrities which earned them fame and thousands of followers.

Davido himself was flabbergasted when he watched one of the mimic they did for him. The 30BG boss wasted no time to announce N1m giveaway for them.

I almost laugh my rib out on one of their mimic they recently did for Lyta on Monalisa, damn! these guys are too good.

However, they might be getting shows and event to attend to but nevertheless Instagram will still be forever their pillar.

5.poco Lee.

Poco Leewith real name as Iwe Pascal is a Nigerian sensational dancer, hype man and MC. He became known for his fun-to-watch Zanku dance moves which had earned him lots of followers on Instagram.

Top artistes like 2baba, Burna Boy, Olamideand many other big acts are now using his dance service in their Music Videos. All thanks to Instagram that brought him out.

He has since then utilise the buzz around him to generate money into his account by doing viral video and posting on his page.

Congrats on your 1m Followers POCO! Imagine a Poco Leewithout Instagram account.

6. Zlatan ibile.

The Zanku master, Zlatan Ibile popularly known as Zlatan came into limelight last year and has since then stay relevant with the help of Instagram. Though, personally he is so strategic and creative on how to gain attention.

He is fond of doing Instagram Challenge among his fans. He gathered so many fans over the years from challenges like #FotifoyinChallege, #BottleCap“, #RedCupAndPapperFlippingand now #Bolanle.

No doubt, Zlatanis so creative with social media use especially Instagram but what if they cease to exist?

7. Naira marley.

Damn! Naira Marleyof this year is massively accepted by the Street.

Many controversies that rocked his music career this year started from Instagram. Instagram has done wonder in his life, lolz.

At the moment, his Instagram page is one of the most active celebrities page, With also a lot of fan pages. He is truly doing well on twitter with almost all his twitter post going viral cause of their crazy meanings.

He might have fight so hard to stay relevant as an artiste in the absence of social media.

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