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1. You borrowed money from me and you are now posting "I wish I could just die" you are mad? I cover you with blood of Jesus

2.Confusion is when one bike man tell you, take 200N and give me 50N let me give you 80N so that you can balance me 300N and collect 100N

3. Son: mummy you lied to me that my brother is a little angel

Mother: yes of course your kid brother is truly an angel

Son: so why didn't he fly when I threw him from the balcony?

Mother screamed and fainted

4.That moment you received alert of 80 million and your girlfriend screamed "baby we are rich!!" bros are you thinking what I'm thought?😅

When. U reach heaven and angels start blowing horn for u and hail u

Bab baddo baddest

My brother , don't waste time

Start jogging to hell

*l got angry and sold my Samsung phone because it

was eating much of my airtime and data. I then

went and bought a Chinese phone but am now in a

very big trouble. 

1. It gets full after 3 minutes of


2. The phone has TV, Touch screen, Nail

cutter, firelighter etc.

3. Text messages can be

written with a toothpick.

4. It has some spelling

mistakes, it is written NokLa instead of Nokia.


When an aeroplane passes by it records "one

missed call". 

6. When a big truck hoots; it records

“charger connected.”

7. When a Chinese man

passes by you it says "one Bluetooth device


8. When a cute girl passes by me, it says

"Wifi ON."

9. When an ugly girl passes by me, it

says, "Virus detected." 

10. When a drank and ugly man passes by me, it says "USB not compatible"

Please, I want to sell it who will buy?

*I insulted my neighbor he told me if I try to come out, he will deal with me.He is lucky I don't have anything to do outside.#

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