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Hi guys, today I'll be talking about reasons you must not consider going to Dubai for hustle.

No doubt many people have been frustrated by our government, the society, travel agents, etc. and are already looking for any alternative means to leave the country in search for a greener pasture.

The Emirates hate blacks

The UAE is a beautiful country that everyone would love to visit, however Dubai has nothing good to offer you as a black (Nigerian) hustler whose primary aim is to come into the country and make a living. You can enjoy Dubai as much as you want as a tourist, have fun, visit beautiful places and all that, but while searching for wealth and a good life, the UAE is a no! no! no!

Dubai has zero love for Africans, especially Nigerians. Going to Dubai with the sole aim of hustling is like playing gamble with your money. Your chances of making it is really low, it has to depend on your connections in Dubai, if you have a good job already, the kind of job you are going there to do.

However the easiest type of UAE visa to get is the two weeks tourist visa or the 3-month tourist visa at most. You cannot achieve any reasonable thing with this kind of visa, this type of visa has nothing to offer you as someone who is in the country in search of greener pasture, you can achieve little or nothing within such period of time.

Little or no good Jobs in Dubai

Apparently the country has nothing much to offer. No good jobs, you need an agent to to get even the least sought after jobs (that's if there's any less sought after jobs there). Only Asians have a good job and enjoy the country to an extent. No decent jobs for Africans, many Nigerians over there are carpenters, mechanics, waiters /waitresses which you don't earn much after all. Most African ladies in the UAE are into prostitution as that seems to be the only way they think they can survive.

Housing is unnecessarily expensive

Housing is expensive. You pay up to $700 or more for a room, most people end up sleeping in a car wash where they work, or other funny places you could think of. As a hustler with no good job, you can't afford household equipment even if you were able to secure a room. And don't think of going to invest over there because it's gonna cost you at least 150,000 dirhams which is about $41,000

UAE has a high standard of living

As a visitor with no good job, you can't afford anything good. No good clothes, no good shoes and you equally can't afford good food. A plate of Egusi soup costs about N4,000 in Dubai, only people with good jobs/earn more in their various businesses can afford good meals.

Are you planning to go to Dubai for the sole aim of making it big in life? Then I think you need to reconsider after reading this article. Do not let any agent deceive you! So many people sold family lands, properties, engaged in crime just to raise money to move to Dubai, after being brainwashed by agents with the sweetest mouth. Yes some people also made it in UAE while some are still making it, (grace ain't same) E work for Emeka no mean sey e go work for Abdul. I advise you do not gamble with your future.

Be in a country that appreciates you no matter how little.

In my subsequent posts, I'll be listing various immigration friendly countries you can travel to and still make it big. If you have any questions, please use the comment section and I'll give you a straightforward answer

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