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See how Lagosians converted their KEKE-MARUWA to Car (Four-cycle) just to avoid Ban.

Hunger will make man do anything to survive, Hunger will make man have sleepless night just to get his family food.

Hunger and poverty in lagos make man have a very powerful brain to think and look for other things to blend himself eith the society policy.

After the ban what's next? Question for all.

Here is the answer for the tricycle riders, i posted an article on the first man to create this four wheel drive converting his keke to mini car or Micra. Now others have decided to follow and here is the proof to back it up.

We are meant to create a new thing from the old thing. Something different from the ordinary.

Here are other pictures to back my proof

Mind blowing

Government or Police and not say this is not a van and no van have 3 legs, they all have 4 or more. That's how he escape the ban. (from my own perspective)

I will ask the same question I asked in my first article on this,

Lagos state is big, Government Brought ban on one of the largest mean of surviving by the MASSES. How will they survive if they don't approve this new idea coming in from every angle


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