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Seria A footballer continues to give Cristiano Ronaldo headache

Everyone is proud of Cristiano Ronaldo good form this season, especially this year having scored 35 goals in 35 matches with 20 Seria A goals, Ronaldo didn't make it to the squad that played against Brescia today, though Juventus won, but Ronaldo might have scored at least a goal in the match, boosting up his goals, many people concluded Ronaldo was rested out for the coming UEFA match.

However there have been a footballer who had been giving C. Ronaldo more headache this season in the race for the Italian golden boot, the footballer called C. Immobile has scored 25 goals with five ahead of C. Ronaldo but today when everyone thought Lazio can't make it out with Inter Milan, but they did and win 2:1 while C. Immobile scored one, making his goals 26 and 6 ahead of the five times ballon d'Or, this I consider a headache for C. Ronaldo.

What do you think of this, is it an headache to Ronaldo or he will surely meet C. Immobile and even get the golden boot?.

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