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sell your music on itunes, deezer, spotify & all international blog

Below is the prices to get your music uploaded and marketed on all digital platforms(ITunes, deezer, Spotify etc) .
To Upload and market your music on all platforms our service charge is just a one time fee of 15,000 Naira Only 


💥We will create an official account on all digital stores with your stage name and your own email address.

💥You will send us your  Song, artwork and few details which we will be asking you in the process. 

💥We will then submit and wait for their feedback. 

💥The whole process of process normally take 10 to 14 business days

💥You will be able to monitor your earnings from your account dashboard without any third party interference. 

💥Once your Song is published we send you your password and usernames so you can monitor all Sales records. 


ITunes, deezer, Spotify etc pays artists from 6th weeks after their songs has been released and been sold online.*

Meaning that you can only request to be paid from the 6th week of release, the money you’ve made from your music would be displayed  💵 in your dashboard so you can be in the know.

The payment is done directly to your Nigerian savings or current Account Number and any banks in Nigeria.

Blog Distribution 

1. Your Music get Featured on our Website with over 5000 Pageviews Daily.
2. We Promote your Music on our Facebook page.
3. We Promote your Music on our Twitter channels
4. We Guarantee nothing less than 20,000 Downloads.


Get your Song Uploaded on  and our partners blogs Today & Enjoy all of the Above mentioned Advantages & More!!

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