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Lagos state government to enforce wearing of face mask from next week

The Government of Lagos State has said it will enforce the use of face mask in public places as from next week.
His words ;
"There has also been questions about whether we are planning to introduce facemask as a policy. My answer to that is that we think that from next week, when we think we would have wrapped up production and distribution, we are going to be asking tha facemask should compulsorily be worn at public places. We have commissioned over a million production locally from various tailoring companies that we have and we intend to start distributing them in the course of the week."
Coronass 3
On patients who lie about their travel history, the Governor said ;
"We have taken a decision that we are actually going to be prosecuting people. We are going to make three, four people scapegoats and examples. I think it is only when the full arm of the law touches a few that they will know that this is a very serious matter.
We are alredy working on three, four names that we are going to make examples and we are going to publish such names." he stated

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